Registree unlocks the potential of university data.

In the current world, students have limited control over what happens with their personal and academic data. We want to change that. Our platform lays the foundation for a student data ecosystem which links universities, students and third parties such as employers and bursary providers with each other. In our ecosystem, Universities can leverage the power of data to provide optimal support to student

Students are connected to a universe of employment and bursary opportunities

Employers and bursary providers can find their ideal candidates while saving time and money


A dashboard that makes finding your next graduate employee easier than ever

Registree allows access to the universities data in a secure and privacy preserving way for employers to search for their future talent. Employers are able to create detailed searches of students and be able to reach out to the students they want to hire directly. This not only greatly reduces employers' overhead of dealing with large numbers of applications but allows employers to truly find the top talent they are looking for.


A powerful dashboard for managing your academic and career outcomes

Registree uses a combination of universities data to empower students to get better education outcomes with their career preference in mind to get students to their ideal job. Students are exposed to getting matched with employers. Students are able to monitor and manage this on a nice and neat dashboard. We also want to make the hard work of students be reachable to more top career opportunities.

How it works

Introducing Registree's solution

Step 1
Set-up search based off your hiring requirements
  • Want to search for the top 20% of BComm students?
  • Looking for the top 10 Computer Science graduates?
Step 2
Students in your search are contacted
  • The students from step 1 are contacted
  • If they like your inquiry, they'll say yes to your invite
Step 3
We show you how your contacted students are responding to your event
  • Our dashboard tells you how many students open, respond and accept your invitation
  • You only pay for the students that accept your invitation
Step 4
You are now in contact with your future talent
  • You now have your customized and curated list of student to engage with
  • Figure out what to do with all your spare time

What makes Registree unique?

A privacy focused data architecture which addresses the requirements of all stakeholders.


Registree is the first graduate recruitment platform that allows you to directly contact your future talent.


Registree links de-identified student records to securely stored personal information through our platform, which enables our privacy focus.


We reduce the cost of graduate recruitment. With Registree, you no longer will you need to sift through thousands of CV's.


To ensure data security, data never leaves the university. The University remains in full control.


Frequently asked questions

Below we have provided answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

We are a startup based in multiple locations. The company was founded from masters and PhD students at UCT together with one of our Professors. We built Registree given our own frustrations with how difficult it was to find jobs and opportunities as students, and the similar struggles of our friends. Registree is our way of showing how responsible and privacy preserving technology can change the world.

We develop the infrastructure that helps universities manage third-party requests for their data in a secure and privacy preserving way. Our technology gives authenticated third parties the ability to search over de-identified academic information. Thereafter, our system finds all positive matches and sends these students an email notifying them of a third-party search, such as an employer’s interest in providing them with an employment opportunity. Students then review the invitation and can select if they want to accept the third-party’s request to meet. If, and only if, the student shows up at the meeting, the student’s academic information and contact details are revealed to the employer. No other student’s information is revealed in this process.

The answer is an emphatic NO. With Registree, we want to show that successful business models can exist which do not involve the large scale storing and collection of data. Our entire solution runs on university information systems and servers and once deployed, the system is fully automated, and we are locked out. We cannot make changes to the code, nor do we ever access or see the underlying data. Our system is fully automated, and the code is made open to universities to review at any point. We take privacy very seriously and always ensure that our processes and technology are GDPR and POPI compliant.

We work on a pay per search model. You pay a base fee to make a search and then we charge you for every student that RSVPs and attends your event. In this way, we create realized value – you only pay for students who attend your event. To cater for larger events, our price per student decreases the more students attend. Contact us at [email protected] for more information about pricing.

Registree partners with universities directly and get the verified data straight from the university, ensuring that all the data on the platform is correct and validated.

When students attend your career event, you receive their name, surname, email address, degree and GPA. This only applies to students who attend events and more importantly accept to have their information shared.

You host an event with us. As soon as the event is concluded, we send you an invoice charging you for the number of students that RSVPed to your event. Payment can be made via EFT.

Please contact us at [email protected] and a Registree consultant will be in touch with you.

We work with the leading employers in the country who use our platform to look for graduates to hire. Using our platform, they invite you to virtual and in-person career events. You can meet them and share your academic information and contact details with them easily via our platform. We make it easier and cheaper for employers to find top talent and by doing so, we increase your chances of finding a job. We bring the jobs to you!

Yes, at any point before the event by using the student dashboard.

No - our platform is fully integrated with university systems, so you can simply sign into the Registree platform using your existing university log-in details. With Registree, you sign-in and never sign up.

If you attend a careers event using the Registree platform, we share your name, surname email address, degree and GPA with an employer. Importantly, your information is only shared with the employer who is inviting you to the event and the information is only shared if you RSVP yes to attend the event and you also attend the event. This is important to note – if you RSVP yes, but never attend, the employer never gets your information.

No! Data privacy is very important to us and the key feature of our platform. Unlike other platforms which ask you to sign-up and provide personal information, we partner directly with your university. Our platform communicates directly with university databases in a secure and privacy preserving way. We never store your personal information, nor can we ever access this. The university retains full control. Our platform simply connects employers with the university and with you, the student. The university controls all data and you control when and with whom you share your data.

We are proud to be working with the University of Cape Town (UCT). If you are a final year commerce undergraduate or honours student, then you can use the platform. We will soon onboard all other UCT students and we hope to add new universities soon. Watch this space!


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